The Family Care Model

Research shows that kinship, or "family care," results in better social, emotional, educational, and health outcomes for child wellbeing than institutional care. Unlike orphanages or other institutions, the family environment strengthens social and emotional networks by connecting the child to family, friends, neighbors, and the community. These relationships are conduits for the intergenerational transmission of knowledge and culture, which are essential for the successful transition into independent living as an adult. Orphaned and vulnerable children placed in family care are able to maintain their linguistic, cultural, religious, and family traditions. The family setting offers more security and stability for the child, is cost effective and requires less government intervention. 

Utilizing a family care model, Better Future supports orphaned children, or children at risk of losing parental care, living in family settings - with aunts, uncles, grandparents, or other suitable guardians. By strengthening the entire family structure these children can not only survive, but also thrive. Based at local community centers in each community we serve, our programs are designed to:

  • Facilitate the stability of households which have taken responsibility for raising one or more orphaned or vulnerable child. 
  • Ensure the provision of food, healthcare, and supplemental educational programs for orphaned and vulnerable children and their households. 
  • Provide school fees for children enrolled in primary and secondary school. 
  • Improve nutrition among the children, increasing their capacity to perform in school, prevent illness and decrease the incidence of severe diseases. 
  • Improve the ability of caregivers to support all children living in their homes 
  • Provide physical and emotional support to orphaned and vulnerable children and their households as they work to overcome hardships. 
  • Enhance child development through diverse and quality programming both at the center and through local partnerships.