The Orphans International Tanzania (OIT) Family Care Model: Strengthening Kinship Networks and Empowering Families

Source: Journal of HIV/AIDS & Social Services
Journal of HIV/AIDS & Social Services

As the AIDS/HIV epidemic grows exponentially in Tanzania, the number of children who are orphaned due to this illness has increased in alarming proportions. Utilizing a preliminary exploration of a case study, this article explores a unique, collaborative, grassroots model of comprehensive community care.

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Where Are They Now?

Laura Fortinsky (pictured above), a graduate of the Lyme-Old Lyme High School Class of 2001, is currently living in Tanzania, where she has helped start a program that provides resources to orphans and their adoptive families.

While pursuing her undergraduate studies abroad in Paris, France, Laura Fortinsky discovered a new passion.  With her concentrations in dance and French, Laura also took great interest in exploring the various cultures surrounding her.  Although she had planned to return to Europe after graduating from Hamilton College, a volunteer experience in Africa guided her in a different direction.

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